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Nail Trims for Dogs

4 Benefits of Regular Nail Trims for Dogs

In a busy world, it’s easy to put off important tasks- especially when you really don’t enjoy them. Dog nail trims are one task that often gets pushed down on the to-do list. However, there are many reasons why this task should remain a high priority. Below are just four of these reasons.

Comfort and Health

How the nails fall when your dog walks directly impacts their body’s weight distribution. When weight is not distributed correctly, the body is not properly aligned. Improper alignment makes it difficult to walk, run, and play. It also increases the risk of more severe injuries.

Protects Skin

Sharp, overgrown nails can cause a lot of pain and suffering to both your skin and your dog’s. With regular dog nail trims, there is a much lower chance of your beloved pet hurting you or himself.

Preserves Carpets, Furniture, and Bedding

Long nails take no time to rip apart fabric. With or without trying, your dog can quickly destroy some of your favorite possessions, leaving a mess in their wake. Routine nail care can play a significant role in preventing such disasters from occurring again.

Saves Money

As previously stated, poor nail health can lead to severe injuries and conditions- the kind that can cost a fortune at your vet’s office. By taking advantage of our dog nail trims, you are making significant steps toward preventing this.

Don’t put your dog’s nail care off another day! At Scratch Me No More, we provide mobile nail trims for dogs to fit your schedule and keep your fur baby healthy and happy while helping protect your possessions and bank account. Schedule your pup’s pamper day today!

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